Tuesday 8th March, 2016

Double digits mark my GR decade

As she reaches her ten year milestone, Business Development Director Rachel McBryde looks back at a decade at GR.

Rachel McBryde

10 years. That’s how long I have worked here.

When I told Lucy Gardiner at my first interview that I wanted my next career move to be long-term, I didn’t envisage it lasting quite this long.

A decade. A quarter of my life. Not my working life, my actual life. A marriage, two kids, a funeral, a house move, a bout of pneumonia, a broken elbow followed by three surgeries. And a lot of triathlons. I’ve been through the best of times and the worst of times here.

Through the revolving door of opportunity that sees executives spinning through it at the speed of light, the idea of spending ten years of your career at one agency somehow now seems old-fashioned and rather quaint. But for me this is still the right place, the very best place to keep evolving.

As my anniversary at GR looms, it’s not the creative work I reminisce about (not that I’m not proud of lots of it), but the people I’ve connected with here over the years, and the experiences we’ve shared. I think about the laughter, and sometimes, the tears. 

We are all affected by our experiences and the people we meet. They inevitably shape and change who we are. And we influence others. We add to them. They add to us. I don’t know where I’ll be in ten years time, but I do know that having spent nearly a quarter of my life walking through the doors of Generator Studios, I have been fundamentally influenced by my time here. For better or worse, this place and these people are now part of who I am.

There’s a cliché I think I trotted out at my first interview here; “I’m a people person. That helps make me a good communicator.” However hackneyed, for me, nothing has changed about that statement. It’s always about the people. And Gardiner Richardson does good people.