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Let’s get round the campfire and keep it burning

The recent Design Council debate at the V&A in London raises a number of questions.

12 October 2010 by Darren Richardson

United we stand

The biggest local government shake-up in 30 years has taken place ? councils now need to tell the people what?s in it for them.

01 April 2009 by Jennie Whitell | 1 comment

Take me to your Facebook Manager

There is a world of valuable information on our audiences out there on Facebook, all it takes is a good ear and a little patience.

31 March 2009 by Matt Forster | 1 comment

The twittering classes

Primary school children could be schooled in Twitter, so make sure you're tweeting from the same hymn sheet.

25 March 2009 by Matt Forster | 1 comment

Down with predictors of beaconicity

Plain English is on the menu as local authorities are given a list of gobbledegook words that must be banned.

19 March 2009 by Matt Forster

Is the customer always right?

Will online customer reviews of public service really work?

13 March 2009 by Sharron Ashurst | 1 comment