How does storythinking help you?

The more you put your story at the heart of your communications the more you inspire belief in your audience. The more your audience believes in what you have to offer, the more impact your communications have. And the more impact you create, the more value you unlock for your business. Simple really.

Why does story matter?

Story has always been the means by which we make sense of the world around us. Story has brought new ideas to life and story has helped us learn. Story has started revolutions and story has given us something worth believing in. Story is a deep-rooted instinct in all of us. That’s why we put your story at the heart of everything we do.

How does story work?

Stories enable you to build a compelling presence in the minds of your audience. Stories are distinctive and help you be noticed. Stories are simple and ensure you are recognised. Stories establish relevance and make sure you are understood. Stories are meaningful and make you memorable. And stories are sharable, they get you talked about. That’s why we believe story is the best starting point, inspiration and purpose of all your communications.

What is storythinking?

We see story as way more than just a handy metaphor for communications. For us story is the foundation of both our philosophy and our methodology. There are many different ways in which a story is brought to life and that’s why our team is full of storythinkers. We work with our clients to use the universal, timeless principles of storytelling to create distinctive and timely communications that engages more meaningfully and more powerfully.

Where do we start?

Story is our brief. It’s where everything begins and it’s the star that guides us on the journey we travel together. We work with clients in many different ways to explore and define the story at the heart of their business. We have a well-established and proven story framework, but there are many ways in which we can identify what makes yours unique to you. Once we have the story we have a foundation on which to build all future engagement.