Digital strategies that get brands connected

There's a world of opportunities out there just waiting.

A world built on multiple platforms and cross channels. A world where simply being online is never enough. It’s not where you are, it’s what you’re doing there that matters. It’s an exciting place to be, a world packed with opportunities and one that offers brands new ways of connecting and building relationships. There are plenty of questions for any organisation, but there always even more answers. We know the questions to ask and we also have a lot of the answers.

As with so many other elements of marketing and communications, the trick to any successful online presence is planning. Whether it’s website development, a social media strategy, search engine optimisation, emarketing, content creation and management or, ideally, integrating all this and more – you need a plan. We have the right expertise to advise you and help you plan. We also speak in plain English.

Digital communications offer some of the most trackable and measurable information that’s ever been available. If you don’t know how your website is performing or who’s responding to your emarketing campaigns, there’s no excuse. With a wealth of tools, many of them freely available, if you’re not plugged into the heart of your digital performance and understanding what it means, we’ll show you how.

Website design
There’s no difference in the way the principles of good design apply online as they do offline, whatever anyone tells you. There are obviously some specific considerations that need to be taken into account, but ultimately it’s a key point of connection for your brand. Our web designers can (and do) work with in-house development teams and other developers to produce purely the look and feel of the site, handing over templates for build.

Content management
Do you view launching a new website as a cause to breathe a sigh of relief or just the start? What do you think of websites that are almost visibly dusty from lack of love and attention? Managing content is an increasingly core function of brand building, which is all well and good. But what if the system you’ve got requires a user manual that comes with a deforestation warning and needs a degree in IT to understand? We think content management systems should be powerful, cost-effective and above all extremely easy to use. So that’s why we’ve developed Generator – our own content management system that is…well, you know.

The bad news for websites is that while they’re still the beating heart of a digital strategy they are now far from being the sole attraction. Having a site is well and good, but you need people to find it, visit it and connect with it. That’s why social networking, search engine optimisation, email marketing, online advertising and content generation are all essential. ‘If you build it they will come’ doesn’t really give the full picture. We will.

Filming, editing and uploading. Got something to say? Want to find a way of getting your message across that leaves people wanting more? Ever thought about film? The digital era has made film a far more accessible medium. Corporate videos, viral videos, TV adverts, event films or animation. We do it all. From concept to storyboard to final curtain, we'll use lights, cameras and action to bring your brand to life and create the kind of powerful communications that really makes an impact, whether it’s for broadcast, DVD or online.

Death by PowerPoint is reaching epidemic proportions. But it's not always the software that's really to blame, it's those who use it mercilessly to inflict pain. Presentations should be interesting, challenging, persuasive. They should wake you up and make you think. Why not take a new approach, be a bit different? Use video, sound, motion graphics. Try Flash. Write copy that works. Why not let us show you how.