Egger UK

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Egger brochure spread

Egger is one of the leading manufacturers of wood based panels in Europe.

Working with laminate and wood panel manufacturer Egger on its UK Insight brochure for the past two years has contributed to the significant success of the company’s Zoom range in the UK and Ireland. Following strong UK sales, we worked with their international marketing team to develop a version of the Insight brochure for full roll-out out across their global markets as part of their Zoom up-date launch.

The Insight brochure is a key element of the Zoom campaign toolkit. Much more than a product brochure, the publication is a strategic brand positioning tool.

Egger now predicts global sales of Zoom will gain traction with architects, interior designers, shopfitters and retail clients such as hotels and retail chains.

Egger Zooms into action with new brochure

Egger Zoom into action with new international versions of its Insight brochure.

Stunning photography used in the Egger brochure

Egger's beautifully shot brochure has supported a growth in sales of the Zoom range.