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NCFE - workspace

340,000 learners from over 2,000 colleges, schools and training organisations chose NCFE as the awarding organisation to help them move their careers forward in 2014.

We created an identity for NCFE that captures the creative flair and unconventional spirit at the heart of the organisation and uses powerful and engaging statements, phrases, invitations and questions to bring the brands voice to life with effortless simplicity and maximum impact.

The new identity has been applied throughout the organisation. From printed items to coffee holders and hoodies, we also helped NCFE carry the brand voice into their workspace, giving employees a daily reminder of the brand story as well as thought provoking inspiration. We also created the identity for their new shared office space by taking the NCFE full point and devising a playful yet practical look and feel across all areas of the building.

“You make the time to get to know the business and really understand what makes it special.

You ensure that everyone’s voice is heard in the process but in particular that there is buy in at the top at every stage.

You are very supportive throughout the process so it’s not something done to us, but created with us.”

Dawn Baker, Marketing Director
Notebook and pens carrying the new identity

We brought NCFE's identity to life through everyday materials.

NCFE - chill out zone

Bold colours and strong statements bring the office environment to life.