It takes vision and dedication to keep travelling in the right direction.

Metro signage - Haymarket station

Britain’s first modern light railway, facilitating 37million passenger journey’s every year.

Nexus is the Passenger Transport Executive responsible for providing public transport across Tyne and Wear. One of its chief responsibilities is ensuring the Metro system runs smoothly for the thousands of users who rely on it each day.

Over a 10 year period £600million is being invested to rejuvenate Metro. We were approached to conduct a brand refresh to complement implementation of the project. The scope of our work covered designing everything from literature and advertising templates to train liveries and station environments.

Our approach was not to reinvent the wheel. The existing brand has iconic status, so we wanted to create an evolution of it rather than a departure. We concentrated first on the refinement of the logo, before looking at how to employ it within the wider visual identity system we were developing for the Metro system.

We feel we have enhanced the Metro brand’s relevance to its users, whilst still retaining its status as a genuine symbol of the North East.

Metro literature design

The Metro identity was applied to more than signage.

Metro signage at Haymarket station

Spelling it out at Newcastle's iconic Haymarket station.